Services on Accounting and Taxes


  • Conducting of tax accounting
  • Conducting of financial analysis

On issue related to public authorities:

  • Accompany of tax controls and help to solution of disputes;
  • Rendering of electronic tax services;
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports and their submission to Tax, State Social Defense Fund, State Employment Service and State Statistics Committee;
  • Preparation of balance, annual reports on profit and loss;

On accounting:

  • Control over existence of primary accounting and tax documents, over their correct officialization and confirmity to the requirements of legislation;
  • Making of primary accounting and tax documents, as well as making of purchase and sale registers;
  • Submission and use of invoices;
  • Calculation of taxes and other compulsory payments, preparation of payment task for payment;
  • Analytical and synthetic registration of all or separate parts of accounting;
  • Making of accounting and tax accounting registers;
  • Officialization of bank and cash operations, personnel documents;
  • Preparation of exemplary contracts for officialization of relations with clients;
  • Conduction of inventarization of the main means;
  • Analysis of debtor and creditor debt;
  • Creation of all forms of accounting and tax reports.

On issues of salaries:

  • Calculation od salary and proper deductions from salary;
  • Calculation of leave money;
  • Calculation of the last account;
  • Calculation of compensation for unused leave;
  • Payment of salary for work done in rest-days and holidays not considered working day;
  • Securing of the rights of workers working more than working hours;
  • Calculation of allowances for workers for disease, pregnancy and delivery, dismissing from work, military service, lump sum allowance for birth of child, allowance for care of child up to three age and other allowances;
  • Payment of fee for temporary substitution;
  • Securing of the rights of worker during free time for the fault of employee or worker;


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